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Immune to Reality: Discussion Topic 1 As a whole, Gilbert’s argument is believable and definitely realistic. Throughout the entire article, he gives reasonable examples to back up his argument and explain to the reader why he believes the way people are. In Gilbert’s argument the section I found most appealing and agree with the most was “Looking Forward to Looking Backward”. In this argument, he clearly states how people would react in front of others and gives excellent examples to prove his point. I also agree with the point that a person will feel
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Unformatted text preview: better about them and would easily defend him/herself, if he/she were to be judged by one person rather than a group and be denied. Although, the part I did not agree with was the way people react to curiosity. I believe that people are much more happier when they know the answer to something rather than him/her being empty trying to find an answer. Finally, this argument would be most useful to a psychiatrist and using these methods to understand a patient and get through to them in different ways....
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