Immune to Reality 2

Immune to Reality 2 - Feel worse than we do before an event...

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Feel worse than we do before an event than after A person doesn’t realize what the advantages will be and how it would be better off for them until after it has happened. o If a person is dumped it may seem like the worst thing before, but after they will realize how the other person was not right for him and how if they were really meant to be together than she would not have broken up with him. Regret the things we did not do more than the things we did do If a person does something and realizes that they made a mistake, they can live with the mistake knowing that they tried and never wondering would could have been if they did not go for it. It would come out to be the exact opposite if someone were to not do something and always wonder what if he or she did do it and be mad at himself or herself for not even taking the risk. In both cases the person will feel better after acknowledging the problem and seeing what the effect is. Also, when a person imagines something before it actually happens their mind may
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