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paper 2 final - Parikh 1 Parth Parikh October 6 2010...

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Parikh 1 Parth Parikh October 6, 2010 Professor Kao Expository Writing 101 Final Draft “He has the intent to spend the summer alone in a bush, living off the land” (Krakauer 346). Jon Krakauer tells his story in “Selections from Into the Wild” about Chris McCandless and his journey through the Alaskan wilderness. Chris McCandless decides he wants to live on his own and without the help of others, and through a long process is not able to return to civilization, which leads to his death. After his death, Jon Krakauer decides to live the same expedition and tries to recreate his outing with a few of his friends. Similarly, in Dan Gilbert’s essay, “Immune to Reality”, Gilbert speaks about how people react to certain situations through a person’s psychological immune system. The psychological immune system is how a person acts and reacts to many situations where they cannot handle it themselves. Through the similarities, Krakauer’s essay acts as a “psychological immune system” for McCandless’s Alaskan exploration. The first problem McCandless encounters in his journey through the wilderness and live on his own is acquiring food. When he begins his journey into the wild, McCandless receives help from several individuals to get him there, although when he needs to finally do something on his own, life changes greatly for him. Now that he has to rely on nature for everything, he has to hunt for his own food, which is extremely different than he thought before leaving. McCandless is extremely cautious and hesitant when it comes to killing animals, but “that ambivalence turns to remorse soon after he
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Parikh 2 shoots [his prey] (Krakauer 351). McCandless is doubtful about killing animals, because he has never taken a life before and this has become something completely new for him. When he was confused, something inside of him realized that he has no choice but to kill, and he reacts exactly as his body tells him to. Before he kills his first animal, McCandless does not eat real food for a few days, which is causing many things to occur to him. If a person goes through, “intense suffering [it] can trigger [his/her] defenses and thus influence [his/her] experiences in ways [he/she] doesn’t anticipate” (Gilbert 222). McCandless’s psychological immune system kicks in as soon as he cannot handle the
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paper 2 final - Parikh 1 Parth Parikh October 6 2010...

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