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Parth Parikh October 20, 2010 Professor Kao Expository Writing 101 Rough Draft Deliberate Living at its Best Throughout the life of every individual, he/she will go through several events that will form their life and who they become in the future. In Jon Krakauer’s narration of “Selections of into the Wild” he tells the story about a man who decides to go and live alone in the Alaskan Wilderness for several months. This relates to other articles, one being Dan Gilbert’s piece, “Immune to Reality”, because it speaks about how a person makes decisions and what affect their psychological immune system has on them, and the decisions it helps them make. Also, it relates to Martha Stouts article, “When I Woke up Tuesday Mourning it was Friday”. This piece begins to explain weird phenomena occurring within people and how they feel as people and get through their daily lives. All three pieces brings together an idea, of “deliberate living” brought up by Henry David Thoreau, although McCandless goes through several obstacles, which may cause him from “deliberate living”. Through all three authors, they make a different case about “deliberate living” being a plausible claim. Krakauer explains Chris’s journey as a struggle, but he was able to get to the Alaskan wilderness because he was able to deliberately live on his expedition. Although, when Chris began to head back to civilization, he came across the Teklanika River, which “in April [had] been frozen over and hadn’t presented an
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obstacle” (Krakauer 353). He may explain this situation by the fact that deliberate living is possible, but only in certain situations. Chris was able to get there because he had come when the river was frozen and he could walk right through, but he did not account for this river not being frozen in the future. If he were completely aware of his surrounding, then he would know that he would have to come back when the river freezes and he would have to live there for several months. Gilbert would probably disagree to Krakauer’s assumption that deliberate living can be achieved, even to a certain extent. Through a
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paper 3 rough - Parth Parikh Professor Kao Expository...

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