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Parth Parikh Professor Kao Expository Writing 101 November 17, 2010 Rough Draft Extreme Ethics Every person has morals, which he/she lives by, and it decides what he/she thinks is right and wrong, and how he/she looks upon the world. When a person comes upon a decision, which causes them to think if they should do it or not, it usually concerns their morals, and whether they believe it is the right thing to do. Jon Krakauer writes in “Selections from Into the Wild” about Chris McCandless, who drifts into the Alaskan wilderness with nothing but himself and a few tools. McCandless makes several decisions and his morals change because he is in a completely different world now and he is on the cusp of life and death. Next, Tim O’Brien tells his story from when he was in Vietnam in, “How to Tell a True War Story”. He shares his experiences fighting in the war and the difficult decisions that ran through the heads of several different soldiers. Whether he thought they were right or not was no always the case since he was not just fighting for himself, but the whole country. Lastly, Beth Loffreda enlightens the reader with torture and murder, in her essay, “Selections from Losing Matt Shepard: Life and Politics in the Aftermath of Anti-Gay Murder”. She shows how the whole country reacts to a single incident involving a hate-crime, but was not sure what the true intensions of the people were, even if they were fighting for the right side. In order for the reader and Parikh 1
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the author to consume these experiences in an ethical manner, they have to realize the situation they were under and decide if it was the best possible solution. When looking on another person’s experience, it becomes difficult to understand why he/she does something until you can completely understand the situation he/she was in at the time. It begins with Chris McCandless, who was a boy who grew up in a wealthy family, but gave it all up to live on his own in the middle of nowhere. Growing up he always wanted to go somewhere and not, “see a single person, no airplanes, no sign of civilization. He wanted to prove to himself that he could make it on his own, without anybody else’s help” (Krakauer 346). While growing up in a family that gives you everything, it sounds good, until he/she realizes that they are not “worth” anything to others. McCandless realized that he was not able to live on his own and he lived off his family, so he decided the best thing possible is to live completely on his own. It may have not been the smartest jump, but after being taken care of so intensely, he wanted to do the
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paper 5 rough - Parth Parikh Professor Kao Expository...

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