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1) Beth Loffrenda organizes her essay in a very careful and orderly fashion. She begins to give the background information to a cause, leading into the characters and what cause and justifications are going to be. As Beth does not show only a one-sided argument, she is able to show what both sides of the party have been saying, and easily including herself into certain situations. Also, she leads into several heated topics on gay rights and how people reacted to this tragedy, even if were not for the right reasons. 2) The media that Loffrenda would expect is the truth. As all these reporters are fending of
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Unformatted text preview: each other, they do not include the real facts and the real story. This story was a tragedy and it is being made a mockery by the way the media handled it. They stated “facts” with a quote from anyone and the average reader doesn’t even realize. The media is capable of making this tragedy more subtle or complex, depending how they want it. They can pretty much control who find out, and how big of a story it comes into. 3) Krakauer: O’Brien: Leffrenda:...
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