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Unformatted text preview: Quotation Marks Quotation By: Parth Parikh Uses Uses Quotes are to set off brief passages of quoted speech or Quotes writing writing Dialogue Krakauer states, “a young man who introduced himself as Alex” Krakauer (Krakauer 345). (Krakauer Bill asked, “when are we going to leave?” “In a few minutes,” replied Matt. Set off titles Put quotation marks around titles of short works and titles of parts of Put long works. long “Selections from Into the Wild” Set off words used in a special way Put a word or words in quotes if it used in a special or unusual way. After the twins were born, the minivan become a “babymobile”. Misconception Do not use quotation marks when quoting long Do passages of prose or poetry. passages Quotes inside of Quotes Quotes In order to put a quotation inside of a In quotation, use single quotation marks. quotation, “’Oh jiminy,’ Stuckey replied” (345). Quotes with other grammer Quotes Put quotes after a comma or period at the end of a quote. Put quotes before a semicolon or a colon. Many people find The Office, “hilarious”; some however do not. Put quotes after an explanation or question mark if it is part of Put the quote. the Krakauer explained how, “McCandless’s intent to spend the summer Krakauer alone,” was actually true (346). alone,” “Why am I so cool?” he asked everyone. Put quotes before an explanation or question mark if is it not Put part of the quote. part Did you read “Into the Wild”? Direct Quotes Direct If using a direct quotation then you are using If another person’s exact worse into your writing. Krakauer said, “he wanted to prove to himself that Krakauer he could make it on his own” (346). he Indirect Quotes Indirect Indirect quotes are when the writer rephrases Indirect or summarizes a quote into his own words, but still has the same general idea. McCandless wanted to know if he could live in the McCandless wild without the help of other (346). wild ...
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