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106exm3Review[1] - 13 depreciable cost and book value 14...

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ACCT 106 Exam 3 Review Wild 19 Study these topics to prepare for exam 3: 1. accounts receivable (recognizing, valuing, disposing of) 2. notes receivable (recognizing, valuing, disposing of) 3. allowance method (allowance for doubtful accounts) 4. adjusting entry for bad debt expense 5. the allowance method 6. receivables 7. compute maturity value of a note receivable 8. capital expenditure / revenue expenditure 9. cost of a plant asset 10. straight-line method 11. units-of-production method 12. declining-balance method
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Unformatted text preview: 13. depreciable cost and book value 14. compute gain/loss on sale of plant asset 15. depletion expense 16. notes payable 17. accumulated depletion / accumulated depreciation 18. cost principle 19. aging of accounts receivable and percentage of sales methods 20. unearned revenues 21. record the issuance of a note payable 22. salvage value 23. there are no questions on payroll 24. plant assets 25. extraordinary repairs 26. compute vacation benefit expense 27. compute times interest earned ratio...
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