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midtermpg7 - a Set up the 5 it 5 stiffness matrix Label all...

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Unformatted text preview: a} Set up the 5 it 5 stiffness matrix. Label all rows and columns. c} Show the reduced stiffness matrix. load vector+ and displacement vector by showing the matrix equation that you would solve (do not solve) to determine the in M: w G 13.. Q 6 b} Setup the 5 x 1 load vector. Label all rows. it i; E displacements. Label all rows and columns. \_ ND ‘E; d} Explain how you would determine the reaction forces at nodes 1 and 5. Do not actually determine them. Be to the point in your answer. it‘ll-h) Can the reaction forces be det 'ne from overall equilibrium of the structure. Q E' w (9 _®_? [email protected] equatfii’ overmilibrium for the structure? _- _ I -J- ...
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