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Lecture and Examples Topic 6: Models with a Single Quantitative Independent Variable As described in previous lectures, the first step in the construction of a regression model is to hypothesize the deterministic portion of the probabilistic model. So far, we assume that we know the deterministic portion of our probabilistic model. However, in a model building process, we do not know the best model in advance. We need to fit several models before we can identify the model that fits the data best. In this lecture, we will discuss the model building process with one quantitative independent variable. Quantitative variables always assume numerical values whereas qualitative variables usually assume nonnumerical values. The possible values of an independent variable are called levels . Each level of a Quantitative Independent Variable usually assumes numerical value and each level of a Qualitative Independent Variable usually assumes nonnumerical value.
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Example 12.11 : For each of the following independent variables, identify the variables as quantitative or qualitative. (a) Number of years experience (b) Gender of the employee (c) Rank of the employee (d) Weight (e) Height (f) Volume (g) Annual Household Income (h) Letter Grade Solution: Quantitative independent Variables : Number of years experience, Weight, Height, Volume, and Annual Household Income Qualitative Independent Variables : Gender of the employee, Rank of the employee, and Letter Grade
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lecture_chp12_6 - Lecture and Examples Topic 6 Models with...

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