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Unformatted text preview: Developing Your Methods Developing Your Methods Barbara A. Howell, M.A. PAD 5850 Writing the Methods Writing the Methods Component What are the “givens” s What activities need to be done? s What are the starting and ending dates of the activities? s Who is responsible? s How are participants selected? s How was the methodology determined? s Use Charts Use Charts Organizational U n iv e r s it y o f C e n t r a l F lo r id a C o lle g e o f H e a lt h a n d P u b lic A f f a ir s M o le c u la r B io lo g y & M ic r o b io lo g y O r la n d o S c ie n c e C e n t e r O r la n d o R e g io n a l H e a lt h c a r e S y s t e m O ra n g e C o u n ty S c h o o l S y s te m Use Charts Use Charts Timeline Month 1 2 Hire Staff XXXXX Purchase XXXXX Equipment Develop XXXXX Experiments Develop Ciurriculum Market Program Implement Program 3 4 5 XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX Narrative Narrative Paint a picture with words s Assume your reader knows nothing s If you use initials, first spell out s – University of Central Florida (UCF) Describe: Who, what, where, when, why s Describe: Everything you include in your budget s Narrative Tips Narrative Tips Avoid personal pronouns ­ we, our s Be specific about where the project is located. s – Orange County, Florida (not California) Follow the format provided. s Use the evaluation criteria as a guide. s Have someone else read it. s ...
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