Exam 3 terms - Sales tax Unearned revenue Discount Premium...

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Exam 3 terms Capitalize Extraordinary repairs Ordinary repairs and maintenance Research and development Book (carrying) value Depreciable cost Residual (salvage) value Useful life Gain/loss on sale of asset Amortization Depletion Depreciation Impairment Long-lived assets Tangible Asset Intangible Asset Copyright Franchise Goodwill Licensing right Patent Trademark Net assets Declining-balance depreciation method Straight-line depreciation method Units-of-production depreciation method useful life EBITDA Fixed asset turnover ratio Current ratio Times Interest Earned Ratio Earnings per share Return on Equity Price/Earnings ratio Accrued liabilities Contingent liability Current liability FICA taxes Income taxes withheld Current portion of long-term debt
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Unformatted text preview: Sales tax Unearned revenue Discount Premium Face value Issue price Quoted price Line of credit Liquidity Market interest rate Stated interest rate Present value Future value Annuity Security Loan covenants Seniority Convertibility Callability Common Stock Preferred Stock Treasury Stock Growth Investment Income Investment Authorized shares Issued Shares Outstanding shares Par value No-par value stock Stated value Legal Capital Voting rights Dividends Residual claim Preemptive rights Cumulative dividend preference Current dividend preference Dividends in arrears Declaration Date Date of Record Payment Date Cash dividend Stock dividend Stock split...
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Exam 3 terms - Sales tax Unearned revenue Discount Premium...

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