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1 Alien_Invasion critical thinking

1 Alien_Invasion critical thinking - Intro to Physical...

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Intro to Physical Geography: Exercise 1: Alien Invasion (Video #1593) Spring 2009 Due Date: Thursday, February 12, in class or before. 10 pts possible Alien Invasion (Video #1593) will be shown in class on Tuesday, February 3. You will also be able to take the video out of the library on 2 or 3-hr reserve. READ AND FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Read over the questions below BEFORE you watch the film so that they will guide your note- taking. You will need to make notes during the film and then write up your answers later. Compose your answers in a new MS WORD document numbering them to match the questions. Make your words count. Exceeding the limit or ignoring any other instruction will detract from your grade, as following instructions is part of the assignment. You may watch the film in small groups in the library or at home, but the written product must be your original work. NOTE: you may also use the internet, books, or other sources to help you with definitions and ideas but do not “copy and paste” the ideas of others into your paper. Plagiarizing is a serious offense
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