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ANWRpaperPhysical Geography - Milad Soufastai Should we...

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Milad Soufastai Should we drill for oil in ANWR? ID: 905377566 The arctic national wildlife reserve is a 19 million acre area in northern Alaska. Recently, tests have concluded that there is recoverable oil in the 1002 area of this reserve, which is commonly reference to as ANWR. The 1002 area of ANWR is about 1.5 million acres of the total land (Arctic Wildlife Refuge: Too Wild to Waste, 2001). The controversy over this area is whether to drill for oil or not too. I think that we should not drill for oil in ANWR even though some of the opposition’s arguments are strong. The 1002 area is located in a coastal plane and is the grazing land for many animals. Drilling for oil in this area would not only destroy the land with drills and platforms but miles of roads and pipeline would have to be created to get the oil out of this remote area of Alaska and to the refinery and ultimately the consumer (Benefits vs. Cost of drilling in Anwar, 2005). The government set aside ANWR because they knew this area would be good for animals and for caribou graving. The 1002 area is in a coastal plane so a lot of animals live there to be located near water. The 1002 area has also not proved to be a reliable location for oil production (Franklin, 2002). It is said that there are billions of barrels of oil under the area but studies have shown that the oil produced from
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ANWRpaperPhysical Geography - Milad Soufastai Should we...

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