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After reading both articles I think that mountaintop removal is appropriate for Kayford Mountain. I understand Mr. Gibson’s view on the matter and trying to save the mountains, however with all the reclamation efforts being put in by some mining companies and the economic benefits of having more open land to build on leans me to the side of practicing mountaintop removal. If it weren’t for mountaintop removal and strip mining then a lot of the land in Appalachia would not be useful economically to us. We develop so much land these days that I do not see a problem with developing more land that would eventually be developed. I think that private lands can be sold to mining companies for mountaintop removal, however I do think their needs to be some more
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Unformatted text preview: rules on it. I believe that no mountaintop within a two-mile radius of a national park should be removed; I think natural park areas should be left undisturbed. I also think that a new way of mountain top removal should be formed that uses far less explosives. The explosives in mountaintop removal disturbs the surrounding areas and can affect people who are miles away, the less nature we disturb the better we can sell the idea of mountaintop removal. I believe that the overburden shouldn’t be dumped in valleys but used in other areas such as land reclamation from the sea. We should save as much nature as possible while still keeping things economically applicable to our lives....
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