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Unformatted text preview: Assignment for Mountaintop Removal/Mining, March 26 2009: Value 6 pts (out of 200 total); DUE DATE Mar 28 Part 1, Mar 30, Part 2. Please read this entire document before answering the question – as there are two parts to the exercise. You will want to attend class on Thursday March 26 in order to be successful in this exercise. This is a discussion board assignment, in which you will answer the following question in 250 words or less: After reading the assigned material and hearing the mining lecture, do you think that Larry Gibson is right in keeping his land from being mined? Why or why not? To answer this question: Part 1: Go to the Physical Geography course site on Blackboard and click on the “Discussion Board.” There will be a forum for this discussion made available after class on Thursday, March 26. Post an individual thread below the question by midnight Saturday March 28, in 250 words or less. You may want to type into a Microsoft Word document to get a word count and spell check – then just copy and paste the text into the box and click submit. Part 2: By Monday, March 30, midnight you must write a rebuttal of another post. Read through all of the threads that have been posted and select one of the posts that you DO NOT agree with, and rebut it (explain why this answer is not fully acceptable in your viewpoint). Again, type your response in Word, and then reply to the post that you are rebutting in 250 words or less. Please do not attack the individual; you are arguing with the response and must be civil. If you run into any problems, send me (Stewart Scales) an email [email protected] – I cannot guarantee a speedy response, but it will be documented if you encounter any problems. Grading: 3 points for each part, total of 6 points. Points will be awarded to answers that are original in content and that thoughtfully and fully explain your position as best possible in 250 words. If the later answers (near the deadline) sound too much like earlier ones, you may receive less credit so you might want to get your opinion in early. All viewpoints are valid if well supported and no preference will be given to any particular stance. The writing should be clean (free of spelling and grammatical errors), but you should use your own voice as if you were arguing in person, not the voice you should use in formal writing. For example, unlike formal writing, contractions are fine (I don’t rather than “I do not”). ...
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