Resoruces Geology Test 3

Resoruces Geology Test 3 - EnergyResources Turkey...

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Energy Resources 18:30 Turkey Bay of Iskenderun o Issus 1805 Czechoslovakia o Austerlitz o Army facing napolean 1863- Civil War o energy Energy Modern society is completely dependent on it Prior to the modern era o Virtually all food was local o People lived close to their workplaces o Few traveled more then 100 miles Now? o Road trip What is Energy? The actual or potential ability to do work Only two fundamental types of energy o Kinetic energy: possessed by something in motion
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o Potential Energy: something contains energy that might be extracted Wind, petroleum, nuclear, biomass, geothermal, solar, coal Measures of Energy Various measures arising from different fields o Joule- physics, calorie- chemistry, btu- engineering o Kilocalories (KCals) are dietary calories Equivalencies o 1055=252 calories= 1 btu o 1 gallon of gas= 124,070 BTU o 1 quad = 10^15 BTU Historical Energy Sources
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Resoruces Geology Test 3 - EnergyResources Turkey...

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