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Video 1 questions resources geog

Video 1 questions resources geog - 6 There was a battle...

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1. 30 million People 2. 3 inches a year 3. Half the water was claimed by mountain states where the rain and snow fell and the other half went to desert states where the farms would be, almost none to native Americans or mexico. 4. Plowing and Planting would agitate the air and that rain would follow afer that 5. 5 largest structures on earth simultaneously all in one region.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. There was a battle between down downstream communities and upstream communities. It kicked off the enironmentalist movement in the US, 7. The dam does and only the dam 8. In the sands in northern mexico 9. Sould we flood he Sistine Chapel so people can see the roof better, Who can dam a grand canyon? You can 10. 300 miles uphill...
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