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Question guide for video presentation: An American Nile (Cadillac Desert, 1997) The following questions are taken from the video that is being shown in class. Watch carefully and answer the questions. Some of this material will be included on the next exam. 1) How many people depend on the water of the Colorado River? 2) How much precipitation does Las Vegas get annually? 3) The 1922 Colorado River Compact divided the river discharge in what way? 4) What was meant by the phrase ‘Rain will follow the plow’? 5) What was so significant about the building of Hoover, Bonneville, Shasta, Grand Coulee and Fort Peck
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Unformatted text preview: dams? 6) What was the political impact of the building of the Glen Canyon dam? 7) What controls the flow of the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam? 8) Where does the Colorado River now end? 9) What was the title of the ad published by the Sierra Club to try and stop the last two Grand Canyon Dams? 10) How far must the water from the Colorado River be transported to supply Phoenix, Tucson and Scottsdale?...
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