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Question guide for video presentation: The Stuff of Dreams (Gold, 2001) The following questions are taken from the video that is being shown in class. Watch carefully and answer the questions. Some of this material will be included on the next exam. 1) The Witswatersrand basin gold fields are in what country? South Africa 2) How deep are the mines in the Witswatersrand? More then 3 miles 4) The first gold found by Europeans in the United States was found when? 1799 By whom? Conrad Reed How large was the nugget? 17lb nugget of gold 5) Who found the gold in California in 1848? James Marshall 6) Why was the California gold rush so revolutionary?
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Unformatted text preview: People came from every country for gold rush, opportunity for prospect and keep gold 7) What new processes for extracting gold were developed in the 19th century Pulling gold from streams, geochemical process, gol found by gravity, Hydrolic mining, cyanide, 8) What percentage of all US gold came from the Homestake mine in the Black Hills of South Dakota? 10% 9) What makes the gold found in the Carlin trend of Nevada so unusual? It is so small and microscopc that u cant see the gold. 10)How much does an average doré bar weigh? 70lb...
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