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Question guide for video presentation: Oil (Modern Marvels, 1995) 1) Why was George Bissell interested in the crude oil coming to the surface in western PA? He wanted to see if oil could work in lamps, since whale oil had gone up. 2) How many oil refineries did Cleveland, OH have by 1865? 30 3) When was Standard Oil was broken up under anti-trust laws? 1911 4) What was the hazardous, unused byproduct from kerosene production? Gasoline 5) What was the general opinion of geologists on finding oil at Big Hill near Beaumont, TX? Dismissed it as Oil Field
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Unformatted text preview: 6) How much oil did Spindletop produce in its very first day? 100,000 Barrells 7) What was ‘The Big Inch”? An oil pipeline that ran from texas to new york 8) By what year was the US unable to supply enough of its own oil from domestic sources? 1950’s 9) How did oil tanker sizes change between 1950 and 1975? 500ft in 1950, 25,000 tons 1975- 500,000 tons and 2,500ft 10)How much did the largest (at that time) offshore oil drilling platform cost Shell? 5x, $500 million dollars, plus $35 million to lease land...
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