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Video4Questions - cells Silicon 5 What is the diameter of...

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Question guide for video presentation: Alternative Energy (Modern Marvels, 2008) The following questions are taken from the video that is being shown in class. Watch carefully and answer the questions. Some of this material will be included on the next exam. 1) What benefits do photovoltaic cells provide during the middle of the day? Produces Maximum amount of Power when Utilities are the most expensive, middle of the day 2) What was one of the earliest uses of solar thermal energy? South Facing Home- maximize heat, Anasazi, Greeks designed streets for houss 3) Solar water heaters supplied what percentage of the homes in Pasadena, CA in 1900? 30% 4) What has been the primary chemical element used in producing photovoltaic
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Unformatted text preview: cells? Silicon 5) What is the diameter of the rotors of the turbines at the Fenner wind project in NY, and how much electricity does each turbine produce? 250 in Diameter, 1.5mw of electricity 6) Why do the landowners in Fenner, NY support the wind project? Make Money from production of each turbine, a lot easier 7) Geothermal energy provides how much of Iceland’s total energy? Over 50% 8) What is the ratio of energy produced to energy used for corn as a biofuel? For sugar cane? 1.3-1 , 8-1 9) When did the first tidal barrage begin producing electricity? 1966- La Raz France, oldest largest 10)How large a wave farm would be required to provide power for all the homes in the UK? 400sqft of wave famrs...
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