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CSHW1 - 16 setfilled-GRect GOval setFont GLabel 17 Java’s...

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Milad Soufastai CS HW 1 905377566 3. The “Run” Method is the name of the method that is executed under acm.program. 9. a class is a template with specifies the structure of an object. The object is then a single unique instance of a class. An example would be two separate lines, they are both the line class, but 1 line may be name rightv and the other leftv. 15. The four GObject Classes are, GLine, GLabel, GRect, and GOval.
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Unformatted text preview: 16. setfilled-GRect, GOval, setFont- GLabel 17. Java’s coordinate system differs from the tradition Cartesian system as the fourth quadrant in the Cartesian system is positive x and negative y, while in java it is positive on both the x and Y Axis’. The Fourth Quadrant is what is seen on the monitor however work can also be done in the other quadrants and moved to the fourth quadrant....
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