astronomy final review

astronomy final review - distance object-Transitions...

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Essay questions: Use the cosmic calendar to describe how the human race fits into the scale of time. a) Explain what the cosmic calendar represents. (4) b) How may hominids appeared on the earth 3 million years ago, what date and time would that correspond to the cosmic calendar? 3 c) Agriculture was invented 7000 years ago, what date and time woudlt that correspond with the cosmic calendar? Hint: A month on the cosmic calendar equals roughly a billion years, a day is roughly 30 million years and an hour is roughly a million years a.) If an hour is a roughly a million years, then 3 million yers ago are 3 hours ago, so were at the 9 pm on 12/31 b.) A minute is 1000000/60= ……… Kinetic: energy associated with motion Ex. Moving car, walking person, earth spinning, heat Radioactive: light and other electromagnetic radiation Ex. Light from the sun, or lamp, x-ray, radio waves Potential: stored energy Ex. Gas in your car, ball on a hill, snickers bar, matter itself How can we use emission or absorption lines to determine the chemical composition of a
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Unformatted text preview: distance object?-Transitions produce unique pattern of emission/absorption lines for each element What are 3 basic categories of astronomical observations Imaging-use camera to take pictures-photometry. . measure amount and color (with filters) of light from object Spectroscopy -use spectrograph to separate light in detail into its different wavelengths (colors) Timing-measure how amount of light changes with time (sometimes in a fraction of a second) 11) want to know chemical compostiiton of a distant star. Most important info is. . The wavelengths of the spectral lines 26) planet is discovered by Doppler technique and is then discovered to have transits. In that case we can determine all of the following about planet exept Rotation period Newtons version of Keplers third law is used to find the masses of many distant objects. Thermail radiation= hotter objects emit more light at all frequencies and emit photons with a higher average energy Most missed mc questions....
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astronomy final review - distance object-Transitions...

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