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SAA Essays - 1 What aspect of the Student Alumni Associates...

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1. What aspect of the Student Alumni Associates most interests you? Being a self-proclaimed dancer, The Low Techs is the part of SAA that most fascinates me. There is nothing I find more enjoyable than shaking my tail feather in front of people that adore the experience as much as The Low Techs do. Not only are these some of the most talented and well-rounded students on campus, but they also embody all the components of a true Hokie: spirit, excitement, and tradition. Being a part of such a dream dance team would enhance my suave Latino dance moves. Over the course of my first semester of college, I have been inspired by the Low Techs and their moves that make the crowd go wild, especially the lady Hokies. Every girl likes a man that can dance, and I would be honored if the Low Techs showed me the ways of how to properly get wet and wild, as performed at the spirit rallies. 2. Upholding Virginia Tech tradition is a fundamental task of SAA. What VT tradition do you most relate to and why? Ring dance is a tradition that I most relate to because of the significance it has to my parents. Sadly to say, I did not take part in the tradition of having a high school ring, which makes me that much more excited to receive one here. It’s almost as if I didn’t take advantage of all the special events of being a senior, since I didn’t purchase a high school ring. At the time, I thought the idea was ridiculous since most of my friends would speak of never even wearing it and that a college ring was what mattered. My parents, of course, encouraged me to purchase one just for show and a small keepsake, but in the end I decided to go without one. As opposed to the high school ring which is completely unique to the owner, the class ring for us here at Virginia Tech unites us all with a consistent theme. Looking back, not participating in my classes ring tradition makes me want to have something special that I know I have earned. Ring dance is a special time for everyone, but for me it will be the rebirth of a family tradition and the start of keeping a Hokie legacy.
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  • Spring '06
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  • Academic term, Atlantic Coast Conference, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Virginia Tech Hokies

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