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April 28, 2011 Intro to Astronomy Extra-Credit Paper Dominique C. Rivera “Black plants ‘could grow’ on exoplanets with two suns” According to recent “unpublished research” (Bowdler, Neil) types of plants that could appear grey or even black to the naked human eye may have a chance of existence out in the extrasolar planets. The mysterious theory that surrounds these fascinating types of flora would most likely be found on the planets that orbit “dim red dwarf” stars, or in a more general tense, the sun-like stars that are found in multi-star systems. (Exoplanets) This whole study that has raised many interests and is going to be presented at the Royal Astronomical National Astronomy Meeting located in Llandudno, Wales. (Exoplanets) Among the many experts and scientists working on this research study is a PhD student named Jack O’Malley-James who is working hard on the possible existence of these exotic plants. Student
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O’Malley-James not only is a PhD student but also an astrobiologist at the University of St. Andrews which is also home to Dr. Jane Greaves. Dr. Greaves is one of the established and credited people overseeing O’Malley-James work, along with Professor Charles Cockell of Open University and John Raven of Dundee University. O’Malley-James is also not the only one of this pursuit of black plants, but so is Professor Lucille P. Markey and Robert Blankenship. All these people are on the search to find what the likelihood of a new existence of plant life can be
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XCastronomyInTheNews - Intro to Astronomy Extra-Credit...

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