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D124-Lecture 8 - More positive consultation with doctor...

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Lecture 8- Placebo effect Placebo effect is that shows up in a RCT Placebo response is due to the physiological changes in the subject that lead to the effect Good for doctors (enhance), bad for drug makers (avoid) Components of Human Healing -medication -placebo -conditioning -regression -Bias Placebo can be from 0-100%. Cant make generalizations of magnitude or duration Non-Placebo Effects - Favorable Natural History- “frozen shoulder”. Majority of patients get full shoulder motion within 2 years with or without treatment -Regression to Mean- chronic back pain. Can feel better or worse on different days so “better” following treatment isn’t an accurate reading of the treatment - Attention/ concern of therapist - Enthusiasm/ conviction of investigator Placebo effect can cure many diseases. Can change due to color, number of tablets, label, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: More positive consultation with doctor lead to better results Biology of Placebo Effect-Produce similar effects to real drugs: dose effects, time effects, depends on severity of disorder-blocked by naloxone (opiate antagonist)-Has cumulative effect morphine told morphine= full effect morphine told placebo= medicinal effect placebo told morphine= placebo effect Brain Imaging PET scans detect metabolism of FDG, glucose analog. Shows where most of the metabolism is occurring. Showed that placebo analgesia involves higher cognitive networks as well as opoid networks. Rostral anterior cingulated cortex (rACC) and the brainstem are implicated in opioid analgesia Shares areas between opiate and placebo in brain activation...
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