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7 - Lecture 6 Intro to TCM Qi and Meridian TheoryQi is a...

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Lecture 6- Intro to TCM Qi and Meridian Theory - Qi is a form of immeasurable vital energy that flows through meridians nourishing the body. Blockage of Qi results in disease and disorder Qi enhancing therapies - Special herbal drugs, -acupuncture -Qigong Western Medicine vs TCM Western Medicine TCM Delivered by MD DOM, LAC 10 min visit 30 min Cure disease Heal whole person Search and destroy Strike balance Acute problems Chronic problems High tech Only some integrate Covered by insurance LAC only covered Lecture 7- Evidence Based Medicines Competitively Funded research (NIH grant)- $30 bil only about 10% get funded -Scientific Review -Policy Review Gold Standard: Publication in a Peer-Reviewed Journal
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Reviews (systematic, critical, subjective) The Gold Standard: Randomized Control Trial (RCT) Subjects: Selection, Exclusion, Randomization Controls: Single blinded, double blinded, placebo Efficacy: can it work in ideal circumstances (RCT) Effectiveness: Does it work in usual care (hospitals and clinics) Ex: acupuncture compared to domperidone and sham acupuncture.
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