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Lecture 5 Homeopathy History Started by german physician Samuel Hahneman 1800s. Came up with the “laws of similar”. Fight poison with poison Advocated lifestyle improvements through exercise, diet, cleanliness Principles -Fight poison with poison ex. Bee venom (APIS) that causes itching, inflammation, stinging, used to treat similar symptoms of other disorders. GREATLY diluted Prescription Rules More dilution= more sensitive patient, more symptoms suggest a general reaction. Many believe that more dilution= more effective. Medicine can be taken often and usually
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Unformatted text preview: dissolved in mouth Occillococcinum and No Jet lag examples of homeopathic medicine Can be bad because it doesn’t work and can lead to more serious illness-More popular in Europe 25% than US 3% than world .3%. gained popularity because it had better outcomes than treatments (bloodletting) back then-Last US school of homeopathy closed in 1920 Regulation in the US-Must adhere to Homeopathic Pharmacopeia but recognized as drug do to homeopathic physician who was a senator at the time. Not held to same standards...
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