D124-Lecture 4

D124-Lecture 4 - Lust Liscensing of Naturopathic...

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Lecture 4- Naturopathy Philosophies 1. Healing Power of Nature: recognize each persons self healing abilities. Strive to support and facilitate this healing by removing obstacles. 2. First do no harm: utilize most natural, least invasive/toxic therapies FIRST 3. ID and treat cause: address the underlying cause of illness instead of just suppressing symptoms 4. Dr as teacher: educate the patients in the steps to achieving optimal health 5. Prevention: identigy risk factors and offer patients appropriate intervention to prevent illness 6. Treat the whole person: each individual is an integrated whole of mind, body, spirit, and needs to be treated as such History -Hippocrates considered first naturopath. Wrote medicatrix naturae “healing power of nature.” -Naturopathy became a distinct profession in Germany in the mid 1800s. founded by Benedict
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Unformatted text preview: Lust. Liscensing of Naturopathic medicine-As of 2003 liscenced in 13 states.-Allows NDs to practice independently with authority to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease-No school in CA but still recognized as “doctor”. Has licensing program but not required to practice in state. Anyone can claim to be a naturopath Education-Trained at accredited 4 year med school-complete a 2 year clinical internship-Requited to pass science and clinical Board exams to be licensed Serve as primary doctor-lifestyle, diet, nutritional advice-perform complete diagnostic services: xray, blood sample, annual exams-collab with other healthcare provider Prescribe vit/mineral supps, herbal medicine, bio-identical hormones. Educate, Advise, Advocate, Empower Can treat a variety of diseases, disorders....
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D124-Lecture 4 - Lust Liscensing of Naturopathic...

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