D124-Lecture 3 Chiropractic Care

D124-Lecture 3 Chiropractic Care - structural displacement,...

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Lecture 3 Chiropractic Care History Daniel David Palmer started school in 1897 in Iowa. Share the same ideology as osteopathic medicine: use drugless manipulation to affect blood and nerves. Claimed to have went to Dr. Stills American School of Osteopathy: they campaigned against him. His son BJ Palmer started using xrays when he took control of the school. AMA created Committee on Quackery to contain and eliminate chiropractic care. AMA called it a “unscientific cult” and boycotted it until 1987 Subluxation- implies the presence of an incomplete or partial dislocation of a joint or organ. Vertebral subluxation is a chiropractic term that refers to symptoms associated with a misaligned or dysfunctional spinal segment. Chiropractors believe that it’s a functional biomechanical spinal lesion that can alter neurological function; leading to nueromusculoskeletal and visceral disorders. Displacement not necessarily visible on xrays. Medical definition calls is a “significant
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Unformatted text preview: structural displacement, therefore visible on xrays. Research into significance of vertebral subluxation is ongoing. Doesnt have support of mainstream medicine and not based on solid science. Most Common treatment is High Velocity Low Amplitude thrusts (HVLA) Most Patients come for backpain (80%) HVLA no more effective than placebo controls. Similarities (osteopathy and chiropractic)-Both have the same ideology- abnormalities in bone structure leads to dysfunction of many internal organs-Both require ~4 years of additional schooling-Recognized in CA as doctor-Can be seen without recommendation from MD Differences (DO vs DC)-DC cannot enter MD residency programs, prescribe drugs/ surgery, or perform acupuncture without liscencing. DO can perform all the above.-DC can only practice maniupulation. Many DOs enter specialties to practice other....
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D124-Lecture 3 Chiropractic Care - structural displacement,...

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