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D124-Lecture 2 - Illness is caused by mechanical...

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Lecture 2- Osteopathy -DO. Represent about 6% of liscenced physicians. Focus on holistic health treatment and muscular-skeletal system. Still perform MD functions like surgery and prescribing drugs. Andrew Taylor Still was an MD that started osteopathy to improve upon contemporary science and art of medicine surgery and obstetrics Principles Each person is a UNIT of mind body and spirit SELF HEALING and SELF REGULATING Whose structures and functions are interrelated Nuero-musculoskeletal system function together as INTEGRAL component Philosophy of Health Health is a natural state of harmony (mind, body, soul) Body is perfect machine for health and activity Healthy state exists with normal flow of fluids and nerve activity. Philosophy of Disease Disease is an effect of underlying, multi-factorial causes.
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Unformatted text preview: Illness is caused by mechanical impediments to normal flow of body fluids/nerves Environmental, social, mental, behavioral factors contribute to illness and disease Philosophy of Patient Care Human body provides all chemicals necessary for the needs of tissues and organs Removing mechanical impediments allows optimal body fluid flow, nerve function and health restoration. Scientific Studies A lot of it is based on logic. Linear Branching of ANS from spine to organs Clinical trials and other studies are hard to conduct and are in their infancy 2008 was the first international symposium held in US for somato-visceral interaction DOs have more contact time, more social support, and more physical exam More DOs are practicing specialized medicine than just manipulation...
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