D124-Lecture 1

D124-Lecture 1 - Only about 20 schools grant advanced...

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Lecture 1 Integrating CAM with western bio sciences: -cardio function -brain/ neuronal function (ANS) -immune system -exercise physiology -molecular pharmacology Obesity: More people are obese 34% than overweight 33% Shortens life by 2-4 years. Up to 10 years in extreme cases Linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc Accounts for $200 billion 36 different CAM therapies for 81 diseases about 40% of americans use CAM. Woman> men. West>Midwest>Northeast>south greater use in people with higher education <2% of total health care expenditure. ~$40 billion Meditation, massage, yoga are fastest growing therapies Back Pain main reason for CAM use. Then neck and joint 10,000 acupuncurists. Most in socal. Less than 10% have practice.
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Unformatted text preview: Only about 20 schools grant advanced degree in oriental medicine. Half in socal MDs can perform acupuncture without special licensing Many physicans recommend CAM (64%) CAM Domains-Bio based practices: diets, herbs, supps-Mind/ Body medicine: tai chi, qigong, meditation-Energy medicine( less used): reiki-Manipulation/Body based: acupuncture, massage CAM Family Members:-Oriental Medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, energy, traditional, mind/ body, herbs/supps, spiritual healing Convential Western: Blood letting common in 19/20 centuries Germs discovered in 1847 as disease causing. Anesthetics about the same time. Penicillin discovered in 1928 Watson/crick molecular basis of disease in 1950...
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D124-Lecture 1 - Only about 20 schools grant advanced...

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