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Dehydration of 2-Butanol

Dehydration of 2-Butanol - Andre Hinojosa 12601675 Partner...

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Andre Hinojosa 12601675 Partner: Chelsea Azevedo, Tara Chamberlain TA: Iva Yanova Dehydration of 2-Butanol and 2-Bromobutane In this experiment, we used gas chromatography to analyze the products of the dehydration of 2-Butanol and sulfuric acid, as well as the dehydration reaction between 2- Bromobutane and T-butoxide. Each reaction will produce the same products but in different ratios, this is due to the different mechanisms that the reactions will undergo. In the dehydration reaction of 2-Butanol, an acid protonates the hydroxyl group therefore making it a much better leaving group. This is essential for the reaction to take place. The leaving group, now water after protonation, breaks off from the molecule forming a carbocation and allowing it to undergo E1. To ensure all products form, we will remove the gas that forms, allowing the LeChatelier’s Principle to take effect and cause the reaction to run to completion. In
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