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Study Guide 3 (Final) - Study Guide: Final Exam External...

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Internal drive External drive Study Guide: Final Exam Jennifer Soong Male sex hormones: androgen, mostly testosterone, provided by the testes Female sex hormones: estrogen – causes estrus/heat, small amounts of androgen Paraphilias: compulsive or destructive deviations in sexual preferences or behavior - Pedophilia: sex with children/child molesting - Fetishism: sexual arousal associated with inanimate objects - Exhibitionism: flashing - Voyeurism: peeping - Transvestic fetishism: achieving sexual arousal by wearing clothing of the opposite sex - Sexual sadism: deriving sexual pleasure from inflicting pain - Sexual masochism: desiring pain as part of the sex act - Frotteurism: sexually touching/rubbing against a non-consenting person, usually in a public place such as a subway Sexuality: does not correlate to anything; influences: 1) Subculture 2) Experience – underexposed to their options 3) Religious training a. Catholic schoolgirl syndrome: use instructions to your advantage b. 4) Parents/school/etc. 5) Media (online pornography) Intersexual person: one who has ambiguous sexual anatomy - Ex. Female fetus may grow male genitals because of an anti-miscarriage drug - Biology plays a role in gender identity - Hormones may “sex-type” the brain before birth – changes in the brain alter developing feminine/masculine traits Androgyny: male woman (Metrosexual) - Mix of feminine & masculine - Manly females – tomboy, lesbian, dyke - More adaptable
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- Male-female differences on abilities: - Biological biasing effect: hypothesized effect that prenatal exposure to sex hormones has on development of the body, nervous system, & later behavior - Gender role socialization: the process of learning gender behaviors considered appropriate for one’s sex in a given culture - Male – instrumental behaviors, control emotions, prepare for work - Females – expressive behaviors, socialized for motherhood Erogenous zones: biological sexual stimulations - Genitals, mouth, breasts, ears, anus - More than physical contact is involved, large mental element Sexual scripts: unspoken mental plans that guide our sexual behavior
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Study Guide 3 (Final) - Study Guide: Final Exam External...

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