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West Coast Hotel Co v Parrish - employers b/c in need of...

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West Coast Hotel Co v. Parrish (p. 759) (300 U.S. 379, 1937) Brief overview: - Adkins Hospital : overturned state law establishing minimum wage for women and men as interfering with FOC and economic liberty - court overrules Adkins and upholds minimum wage law in this case - court here first notes that Constitution does not speak to freedom of contract, but only prohibits deprivation of liberty without due process; also sees regulation that is reasonable related to its subject and is adopted for public interest = due process - sees health of women and protection of women from overreaching employers as very close to public interest; and if this is legitimate end, seems incorrect to state that minimum wage requirement – designed to meet basic needs of existence – is not proper means to accomplish this end - court notes that women: weaker bargaining power, lower pay, easy victims to overreaching
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Unformatted text preview: employers b/c in need of work; and additionally notes that legislature should be able to reduce ‘evils’ of sweatshop-like system and pay that is so low as to meet bare costs of living- additionally, court cites that other states have adopted similar requirements, and that such adoption indicates ‘deep-seated conviction both as to the presence of the evil and as to the means adapted to check it’ = thus legislative response to this type of conviction should not be seen as arbitrary or capricious- finally, court states that exploitation of workers like women does not only adversely affect health and well-being but also creates burden for their support on the community (i.e. increase in taxes to meet bare costs of living) = which in essence is “a subsidy for unconscionable employers”...
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