The Biosphere-ecology

The Biosphere-ecology - Climax community is the last thing...

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The Biosphere Communities and Ecosystems The flow of energy is a central theme in ecology. Biomass pyramid is about 10% efficient than the previous Biomass declines at the next level. Number of species does as well but not proportionally to biomass Ecological efficiency= g/p The diversity of species in a community may depend on environmental disturbance. Low disturbance= higher competition High disturbance= random displacement Intermediate disturbance= greatest biodiversity Habitats go through predictable changes in species composition over time. Primary- starts from barren habitat Secondary- starts as sequel to disturbance ie fire Degradative succession- serial replacement of species on decaying matter
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Unformatted text preview: Climax community is the last thing to grow ie hardwood trees The diversity of a community may be affected by competition, predation, or primary productivity Keystone predator- top down regulation. Trophic cascade. Predicts longer food chains in larger communities Species diversity affects ecosystem performance. Higher diversity more photosynthesis More species less available nitrogen- used by growing plants Eorian interglacial- 100 thousand years ago Medieval warm period about 1000 years ago 1500-1800 little ice age Hadley cell- pattern of weather that makes rain forests and desers Antarctic gyre lead to glaciation periods Rain shadow deserts Oceans cover 70% of earths surface...
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The Biosphere-ecology - Climax community is the last thing...

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