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Psych assignment 1 - Therefore when dogs are in public and...

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Andre Hinojosa 12601675 Psychology 7A Psychology Assignment 1 The chapter that I covered was about learning. I decided to research an article about how they train drug sniffing dogs. These dogs are shaped to sniff out various drugs and even explosives through the training process. The article describes an overview of the process from picking the right dog for the job to the actual training. The training process is surprisingly simple however and uses Pavlov’s main principles of classical conditioning and his experiment with dogs. The article describes how dogs used for drug location have no desire nor addiction to the drugs they sniff. To the dog they are simply looking for their favorite play toy. Trainers do this by playing tug-of-war with the dogs with a white cloth that they wash to remove any scent. They then roll marijuana, for example, in the towel and continue to play with the dog. The dog then learns to associate the smell of marijuana to the towel which is to the game of tug of war.
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Unformatted text preview: Therefore when dogs are in public and smell a package or marijuana, they simply think their favorite game is waiting to be played! The process of wrapping the towel with the marijuana is the acquisition stage where the dog links the marijuana which he has no interest in, to his favorite toy, thus becoming the conditioned stimulus. The trainer, to enhance the dogs ability to sniff out his toy, will hide the towel and wait for the dog to sniff it out. Once the dog does this, he is rewarded with a game of tug of war. This causes the dog to develop respondent behavior towards the scent as his toy. Since the dog is rewarded with a game after succeeding, the behavior is enhanced through positive reinforcement. Through these techniques based upon the findings of Pavlov and his experiments, we have been able to develop very effective techniques in finding and locating drugs and bombs....
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Psych assignment 1 - Therefore when dogs are in public and...

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