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Intro to Ethics answers - Notes General justice is the...

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Notes General justice is the collection of all virtues of character. To be just to behave as a virtuous person would in all circumstances. Behave bravely when bravery is in question, etc. The virtuous person would take pleasure in being virtuous and thus be just. You can be just and not virtuous however. Motivation is a state of the soul and matters. Just means lawful. Also means FAIR. Justice is adjusted. Justice is divided into General and special. General is lawfulness. Special is fairness. Special is divided into Justice in distribution(establishes ownership for the first time) , and also justice in recitification (goods that are owned and then changed hands. Creates a temporary imbalance which needs to be adjusted. Rectified justice is then divided into voluntary and involuntary transactions. Voluntary is justice in exchange. The share a person gets is relative to the persons worth. Wealth is the criteria for worth (in an oligarchy). So those that are more wealthy deserve more. Pg 71 A persons “worth” is relative however and relates to politics. Everytime an injustice is commited. Something is taken away from the victim Intro to Ethics questions answers 1. A good is an end of an action, that is, something for the sake of which an action is carried out. Health is a good that constitutes an end of medical practice. A boat is good that constitutes an end of boatbuilding. Victory is a good that constitutes an end of military practice. 2. A highest good is one that is pursued for its own sake, not for the sake of something else. The highest good would have to be stable and self-sufficient. 3. Happiness is considered the highest good because every other action we can do is because it brings us happiness. We obtain wealth but that makes is happy 4. Honor isn’t the highest good because “it is too superficial for what we are seeking.” It depends too much on what people think. Virtue is not either because someone can be virtuous but not happy. 5. Wealth is not the highest good because it is an instrument to gain other things and its not sought for its own sake. 6. Can be happiness but it is a complex of irrelated traits. 7. For: someone can be called happy when they are dead because there can be no reversal of this happiness; no loss of the external goods that make him happy.
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Against: This is wrong however because happiness requires a certain action, and when they are dead all action as ceased to perform. 8. A happy person cant become miserable because they will have virtue and thus maintain their potential for happiness although they may be unhappy. They will never do base or hateful actions. 9. Yes happiness is more than praised; it is honored. Virtue is part of happiness and provides the stability for it. 10. Parts of the soul an entirely irrational side (vegetative), another nonrational side
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Intro to Ethics answers - Notes General justice is the...

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