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Andre Hinojosa 12601675 I think the most interesting part of the article is how they are using simple “technology” to increase the effectiveness of treating cancer caused by viruses. The reason why its not exactly technology is because they are using natures way of fighting disesase basically superboosted with modern technology. We all know then when you are sick you body is able to fight diseases by matching the bacteria or virus by sending the correct antibodies to fight the bodies. Since cancer is usually deep in the tissue and current treatment like radiation damage healthy tissue because the area isn’t targeted, it makes healthy recoveries pretty difficult. Now they are able to put radioactive isotopes which release radiation on antibodies to fight cancer directly. I think this
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Unformatted text preview: is very amazing because now its almost like the antibodies are “alive” and able to only target certain cells. And they are able to fight cancer just as effectively as radiation because they are still using it, only localizing it to make it more effective. Since the treatment is occurring at the cellular level, it makes it much better for stopping it from coming back as well. This technology will greatly improve the recovery of any person with cancer because not as much healthy tissue is being killed. And since we know how specific antibodies are, we can be sure this method will be very effective....
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