crash - question as to why if the LA is such known as such...

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Andre Hinojosa Bruce McKay Writing 39A October 15, 2008 Crash The advertisement for the series Crash desribes a new series in the name and the text below. From this we can deduce that the series may not literally be about car crashes but instead how the lives of everyone are all intertwined like threads. I believe that by the nature of the advertisement, it is advertising young adults between the ages of 25-35. What brings more visual appeal and curiosity to the picture is the amount of ambiguity present. I think the most apparent part of the picture is the lack lighting and color present. Los Angeles is famous for its million dollar businesses and skyscraper buildings. There is much wealth and the city is always up and running. The advertisement depicts this part of LA, the high sky scraper buildings but in a ominous way. The clouds are dark and hang low over the city and even the palm tree which represents a sunny beach is dull and lacking much color. The only part that is illuminated is the man’s face sitting in the car. He is driving away from LA, which brings
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Unformatted text preview: question as to why, if the LA is such known as such a positive city and brings people to together, why might this man be fleeing? While the background sets the ominous mood about the series I feel the man himself tells more of the story. He is an aged man, but very healthy looking and well groomed, much like the city of LA. All his clothes are dark and he is well dressed but in a more fashionable style. Here, the man’s face is illuminated by the light outside, accentuating his wrinkles and slightly sunken cheeks. As he puffs on his cigar, the smoke kind of has a unnatural thickness and curls in it and I believe this represents his mind wandering and going over past events, possibly from the city from which he leaves. He has a gold ring and another gold object in his other hand. Gold is obviously a representation of wealth but I also believe it is used to tie back to the old yet classy look of LA that they were trying to capture and represent....
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crash - question as to why if the LA is such known as such...

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