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DOC 1 Discussion Notes 1027

DOC 1 Discussion Notes 1027 - family values upper mobility...

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DOC 1 Discussion Notes 10/27/10 Status is related to class but is not the same thing; not equivalent. Mariscal = who’s cool and who’s not cool (hierarchy)… apply to real world: status = economic standing/position prestige, respect. Status is the cultural elements to class (politician may not make as much $$ as a CEO because it has a certain status/respect/leverage in power in some type of ways) Weber: Status can increase your life chances Status is linked to/related to education Individual Merit: you earn your position; talent/effort hierarchy; some people have elevated positions because they worked hard or had talent Takaki might say that we must consider this to balance out individual merit because individual merit has been told too much!... Structural advantage/disadvantage (ideology and social norm… collective): opportunities + talent + effort = success Tchen: merit of a group (Asian Americans) - “whiz kid” = group merit ideology; group works hard, good
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Unformatted text preview: family values upper mobility in the US-How does “whiz kid” myth help and hurt Asian immigrants?-What political objectives does the ideology of the model minority serve? What does the Asian work ethic/family-centered theory obscure or overlook? o This theory is not a merit based theory; obscures structural advantages/disadvantages o If you focus just on Asian work ethic/family-centered theory, then you might miss out others -Over the years how has the racialization of Asian Americans changed?-Are all Asian American groups racialized in the same way? Black/white diad = third race doesn’t really fit into it; it’s supposedly easier just to link a group of people/race to either black or white but this wasn’t possible for Asians Good analysis:-set up-quote-significant to main pt-analyze language and complementing with other language-examples back up point...
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DOC 1 Discussion Notes 1027 - family values upper mobility...

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