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Unformatted text preview: DOC 1 Lecture Notes 10/13/10 *OASIS DOC workshops Center Hall 330, Fridays 10-11 am For Friday:- reader p. 73-92 (Winant and Omi)- Journal #3 due next Friday Possible midterm Q: Connection b/w cheap labor and labor unions?- racialized groups and engendered groups (working class) exploited for labor can sometimes organize among themselves to create sites of resistance; find better working position. Unions brought us 8 hr day, no child labor, water for crops, better working conditions. Unions AFFECT cheap labor. Ignatiev Invention called “whiteness” (category) & how it functions*- fear of mixing b/c people in community hold on to the notion of “purity”- some people frown upon marrying outside of group- whiteness = purity- reproduce notion of Korean or Chinese (racial thinking; they are separated)- even education people fall into this notion! *Intersection b/w race, class, culture In 1854 the Calif State SC categorized Chinese with blacks and Indians, denying them the right to...
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