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DOC 1 Lecture Notes 10/18/10 For Wednesday: - p. 117-128 reader For Friday: - p. 129-166 reader Racial formation - repertoire/buffet available to people in that society of diverse ideologies (set of ideas thru which we think) about race in a given culture at any given time Racialization - process by which certain roots get inserted into racial formation Terms 1910 – Mexican Revolution: turmoil in Mexico a lot of people immigrated North Harlem Renaissance Marcus Garvey W.E.B. De Bois Zora Neale Hurston 1. fear of mixing 2. rise of institutional racism a. tracking – counselors “determine” whether a person is college bound 3. rise of labor unions
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Unformatted text preview: a. working people demand equal opportunity, higher salary, etc. b. because of racial exclusion, people got excluded affect labor unions (Takaki) c. racialization of unions 4. rise of ethnic nationalisms a. group of people who’ve been racialized and react against that and create movement of ethnic pride b. create site of resistance / counter-hegemonic movement because white supremacy was hegemonic! c. Harlem Renaissance – small middle class of AA descent in big cities like NY new music, films of ethnic pride (black = beautiful/not going to be inferior anymore)...
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