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DOC 1 Lecture Notes 1027

DOC 1 Lecture Notes 1027 - DOC 1 Lecture Notes For Friday...

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DOC 1 Lecture Notes 10/27/10 For Friday: reader p. 195-206, 143-166 Karl Marx Max Weber Terms: (Weber) - life chances – opportunities; where you are/where family is on economic scale will determine your life chances - status – category equates to being “cool”… class has to do with your economic resources/life chances - exploitation – linked directly to cheap labor; i.e. if you fall at lower end; someone is working as someone gets rich - class is RELATIONAL – working class person doesn’t make any sense, except in relation to the person owning the company - class has to be analyzed thru time; meaning of class changes thru time - Marx & Weber don’t disagree too much… Weber usually stuck at level 3, Karl Marx sees that class positions are relational but also in conflict (class struggle); there won’t ever be economic justice until those producing wealth have a fair share of their own labor When reading Olin Wright, focus on levels 4 & 5 Week terms: 1. Great Depression 1929: economic meltdown, stock market
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