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DOC 1 Lecture Notes 1108

DOC 1 Lecture Notes 1108 - DOC 1 Lecture Notes Terms 1...

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DOC 1 Lecture Notes 11/08/10 Terms: 1. ethnic nationalism / internationalism (Third World solidarity) - ethnic nationalism: groups of people who’ve been racialized gather together to create sites of resistance/fight against structures of racism/class exploitation/gendering/stratification into hierarchy - internationalism: after fighting for equal opps, they think about other countries and how they’re still unequal… solidarity; we support those countries too - activists of color were influenced by Cuban revolution - solidarity with movements around the world (Third World solidarity) - 1 st world (capitalist countries… US, Europe, NA, Canada) – 2 nd world (Communist countries… SU, China, Poland) – 3 rd world (everybody else… some Asian groups, Blacks, Chicanos, etc… still developing economically). In middle of Cold War. - 1 st world people’s families usually came from 3 rd world (3 rd world in 1 st world – solidarity derived!); don’t really associate with 2 nd world but people accuse us 2. United Farm Workers - labor union created in Cali in 1962 to get better working conditions for those who work in the fields (cotton, produce, vegetables) in California - Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta and group of Filipino workers (men)
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