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DOC 1 Lecture Notes 11/19/10 Harvey article Trickle down – wealthy are doing well that wealth will eventually trickle down to people not doing well Embedded liberalism – create wealth from BELOW (opposite of trickle-down) – everyone is responsible for own’s well-being, not society’s role to provide that social safety net Anti-liberalist position Keynesianism Hayek Public good and public investment, privatization We end up helping each other by making sure that the people who aren’t doing well have some money to survive (looking out for each other) Professor Wendy Brown from UC Berkeley - neoliberalist politics have affected UC system
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Unformatted text preview: -privatization o decreased commitment to educate America’s best students o increasing inequality of university o decreased support in university that isn’t entrepreneured o deteriorating support for research o restricted academic freedom o increased exploitation of workers o shrinking from all public values/public concerns o education increasingly organized efficient delivery systems o narrowed access, expanded inequalities, destroyed shared purposes, eroded shared gov’t, research away from public o public funding shrinks so now we have to pay more...
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  • Fall '07
  • Gilson
  • Capital accumulation, Berkeley, California, University of California, Berkeley, social safety net, Keynesianism, Professor Wendy Brown

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