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DOC 1 Lecture Notes 1203 - DOC 1 Lecture Notes 12/03/10...

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DOC 1 Lecture Notes 12/03/10 criminalization of particular group – Islam/Muslim people - dominant ideologies - stereotypes in media - portrayal of Muslims since 2001 - conflation of ethnic nationalism – Arabs = enemies, even though vast majority of Muslims aren’t Arabs - religion = ideological tool where people are inserted in hierarchies Reece’s e-mail on embedded liberalism: Even though 'embedded liberalism/new deal liberalism' has some socialistic or collectivist aspects to it, it is overall pro-capitalist. A Keyensian, New Deal liberal would argue that having a social safety net so that the masses of citizens don't fall into poverty is not just a morally good thing, it is good for CAPITALISM because it means that your society will always have a working class that has purchasing power vis-a-vis the better wages they have, fuller employment, and reduced health and education cost. In other words, 'embedded liberalism' argues that capitalism works the best when its excessive individualistic qualities are curbed through business regulation, anti-globalist trade policies, and when it is complemented with public services (social safety net), we can look at the German economy today for evidence of this. The Neoliberal argument argues that capitalism needs to be almost wholly unrestrained and deregulated, individualistic values should rein supreme in all societal spheres, and everything minus the legal system and the police, should be ran by profit-oriented organizations, i.e. businesses. In the neoliberal world view, the economy should be governed by a survival of the fittest system where the strong prosper and run
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DOC 1 Lecture Notes 1203 - DOC 1 Lecture Notes 12/03/10...

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