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DOC 1 Midterm 1 Review

DOC 1 Midterm 1 Review - DOC1Midterm1Review 13:06:00...

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DOC 1 Midterm 1 Review 20/10/2010 13:06:00 Ideology (two parts: hegemonic, counter hegemonic)   social statuses  institution/structural Mutually causal (cause each other) historical context/moment social statuses: class race gender historical examples: Jewish in late 1800s, Irish   “smoked whites”, slavery cheap labor institutions want wealth so they make labor   sold in markets historical moment: 1700s-1800s slavery institution/structural: early capitalism cheap labor ideology (focusing on slaves): slavery: white supremacy black inferiority oppression = social relationship
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social relationships created: Sambo caste system, owners vs. slaves caste is racialized (2 castes)^ white owners, non-white slaves when blacks came to America, they were racialized, viewed as inferior  oppression o why? (refer to institutions) motives of capitalism objective of wealth accumulation / profit
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