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Unformatted text preview: Sharon Ng BUS051 Professor Henderson 29 June 2011 Lesson 2 Homework MKD Transportation owns and operates a fleet of container ships and tankers that transport goods around the globe. Company executives have just been contacted by the media with a credible report that one of their ships is leaking an oily substance off the coast of Belize. If true, some of the world's most beautiful coral reefs could be in danger. On the other hand, the captain of the ship in question has not notified the company of any problem and cleanup could be very costly. Environmental groups and the government of Belize have demanded that the company admit responsibility and immediately begin cleanup. 1. Who are MKD Transportation's stakeholders? Answer: The captain of the ship would be a stakeholder of MKD Transportation, as well as the employees of the company, and everyone who owns MKD Transportation stock. Additionally, MKD Transportation's customers are also stakeholders, as well as the supplying companies who...
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